What is Urbyo X?

Urbyo X is our marketing service for sellers. With three available levels, you decide how detailed your listings and how extensive the marketing should be.

This is how our Urbyo X packages are structured: 

Xplore: the basic option

You don't need extensive marketing for your property and want to publish your listing without any extras? Then you can do it quickly and conveniently with the Xplore package after registering at Urbyo. 

Price: free

Xperience: the elegant option

Do you want to make your listing as attractive as possible? Then the Xperience package is the right choice. We will also create an audio exposé for your property, highlighting the most important aspects of your listing. We also offer helpful district and city guides that give buyers a solid impression of the area in which your property is located. 

Price: upon request

Xpert: the dynamic option

Do you have a property that needs to be marketed as quickly and effectively as possible? Then the Xpert package is the best choice. In addition to the extras you get with the Xperience package, this option provides you with a top spot on the marketplace and active marketing by Urbyo. We feature your property in our newsletters and all available channels and suggest it to interested buyers. 

Price: upon request

You decide flexibly which package you want to use for your particular listing. Do you have any questions about the packages? Then simply contact our sales team.