What do Urbyo listings look like?

Quality and transparency — Urbyo listings show buyers what to expect when buying an investment property. All at one glance.

Every buyer at Urbyo should get all the information they need for a well-thought-out purchase decision. Our property listings all adhere to the following structure:

  1. Location, number of square meters, and purchase price
  2. District/Region
  3. Ad ID
  4. Basic data:
    We list all the important figures that are relevant to the buyer. In addition to the purchase price, this includes the ancillary costs and the initial yield and calculations based on the level of financing. 
  5. Photos & videos:
    Viewings are unnecessarily stressful for everyone involved — especially if it's "just" to look at an investment property. To spare tenants the hassle of multiple viewings and buyers the need to travel, we've created the Urbyo image service. We take photos from inside and outside and create virtual 3D tours upon request. Free of charge. If you're interested, don't hesitate to contact us. We'll coordinate a photo session with the existing tenants. If not, current photos of the property are also accepted.
  6. Property appraisal:
    Based on the property documents you send us, we give the Urbyo buyers a rating of the investment potential. The criteria for this are the purchase price per square meter, the gross rental yield, the population forecast, and the property's condition. 
  7. Property details:
    Last but not least, we list the real estate agent(s) in charge and provide further details, such as the location, the floor plan, the investment calculator, and FAQ

As you can probably tell, we approach our advertisements with great attention to detail. But it pays off — because you'll have an ad you can be proud of. And have way less hassle down the line.