What's the "New Tenant" Promise?

If your investment is worthwhile largely depends on the incoming rent. If your tenant cancels within the first 12 months of purchase, we will help you find a replacement. We offer you more security here than anyone else.

You're buying in a city where you don't live yourself: so what do you do if your tenant quits? In this case, it's simple: we'll find you new tenants and present you with at least two options to choose from in case the existing tenancy is terminated within the first 12 months from the date of purchase.

What's the fine print?

Our promise only applies if the property is located in Germany and was listed on Urbyo before the purchase date and you financed it through Urbyo or we arranged the financing for you. We will do our best to find and introduce you to at least two suitable tenants. Of course you are not bound to our suggestions. But one thing is certain: This service is completely free of charge for you.

The date of purchase is the date on which you signed the purchase contract at the notary appointment and the notary confirmed the purchase.

If you have already purchased the property unrented or without occupancy, or if the tenancy agreement was already terminated prior to the purchase (regardless of whether you as the buyer were aware of this fact or not), we are unfortunately unable to offer you this service. All warranty rights and other rights that you have against the seller remain completely unaffected. 

How does it work? What do you have to do?

If the lease ends within the first 12 months after the purchase agreement date, you can simply contact us through the channels below. As proof that the tenancy was not terminated at the time of the conclusion of the purchase agreement, we would ask you to send a copy of the relevant tenancy agreement, which you should receive from the seller as part of the purchase. Please black out the name and personal data of the persons mentioned there. In addition, we ask you to send a copy of the contract of sale showing the date of purchase. Here, too, you can of course black out the details and data that are not required.

We will then look for suitable prospective tenants for your property and establish contact with them at your request. Everything else (e.g. get-to-know conversation, viewing appointment, etc.) you then arrange directly with the respective prospective tenants. And important: You alone decide whether you like the prospective tenants and whether and on what terms you want to conclude a rental agreement with them. We only select the prospective tenants and establish the contact at your request.

How can I get in touch?

Just write us an email at versprechen@urbyo.com if you have any questions about the promise or want to make use of it.

Our address:

Urbyo GmbH
Fehrbelliner Straße 35
10119 Berlin
T: +49 30 / 577 144 69
M: versprechen@urbyo.com