What's the "Low Interest" Promise?

The loan should have the best interest rates for your conditions - after all, you are bound to the interest rates for years. Our team with years of experience will find the right solution for you. That's a promise!

Loan term, unscheduled repayments, loan amount: We take your wishes into account and find the best conditions from 400+ banks on a daily basis. All you have to do is select the right offer for you. Our team has years of experience - and a direct line to the employees at the banks. 

You find a more favorable and ready-to-sign financing for the identical object with the same general conditions? We roll up our sleeves again and beat the interest rate! If we don't succeed, you get 500 €. Spoiler alert: So far, no one has succeeded.

What's the fine print?

You can only take advantage of the "Favorable interest rate" promise before you conclude a financing transaction via Urbyo. As soon as you have already concluded a financing arranged through Urbyo, the "Favorable interest rate" promise unfortunately does not apply (anymore). A retroactive claim that there would have been a more favorable financing (at otherwise identical conditions) is excluded. If you are unsure, please contact us before signing a financing agreement and simply ask.

Furthermore, the "lower interest rate" promise only applies to financing for properties that are offered for sale as part of Urbyo Services.

Furthermore, it is a prerequisite that the more favorable financing offer is ready for signature and refers to the same property and is addressed to you as the borrower. The borrowers must therefore be identical. Only those persons who are identified as loan applicants in the financing offer can make use of the promise.

A financing offer is considered ready for signature when the financing offer is made to you as the loan applicant in such a definitive manner that you can accept it with your signature alone and, in particular, no further calculations or confirmations are required from any lender.

A third-party financing offer is considered more favorable than a financing offered through Urbyo if the APR of the third-party financing offer is lower than that of the financing offered through Urbyo and all other factors, terms and conditions of the possible financing are identical (i.e. in particular the same term, unscheduled repayment options, equity capital input, provision interest-free periods, etc.).

For each property and financing offered through Urbyo Services, you as Urbyo User:in can receive the promised bonus only once.

How does it work? What do I have to do?

If you actually find a financing offer with a more favorable APR for a property offered through Urbyo Services outside of Urbyo Services, please contact us as soon as possible (see below). We will then ask you to send us a proof of the more favorable financing offer. As proof, we only need a copy of the draft contract issued to you as the loan applicant by the third-party financier, which you only need to sign to conclude the financing.

We will then check the third-party financing offer within 2 weeks and try to beat this financing offer. If we do not succeed in finding you a financing offer within this period that contains at least the same effective annual interest rate with otherwise identical or better conditions, we will inform you of this and transfer the promised premium of 500 € to an account within the EU to be specified by you for this purpose within 2 weeks after our notification.

How can I get in touch?

Just write us an email at versprechen@urbyo.com if you have any questions about the promise or want to make use of it.

Our address:

Urbyo GmbH
Fehrbelliner Straße 35
10119 Berlin
T: +49 30 / 577 144 69
M: versprechen@urbyo.com