What kind of loans can I get through Urbyo?

Generally, we offer all types of loans and development loans. You can find out which ones suit you in a personal consultation with us. 

There are many different ways to finance a property: 

- Annuity loans
- Bullet loans
- Repayment loans
- Interim financing
- Forward loans
- Cap loans
- Policy loans
- Home loan and savings contracts
- KfW loans
- Wohnriester/homeowner's pension

Each form of financing has its advantages and disadvantages — depending on your own financial situation and your real estate goals. Speaking from experience, the annuity loan is the most popular approach. By talking to our financial experts, you will quickly find out if this is the right way for you as well. We also tell you more about these loan products in our German podcast, which you can listen to here.

Are you interested in financing through Urbyo? Then feel free to send a request to: financing@urbyo.com or sign up directly for a conversation: https://urbyo.finlink.de/start.