How does Urbyo evaluate properties?

If you look at a property on our platform, you'll see that we've evaluated it based on various criteria. Here you can find out how we go about it.

evaluation porperties

Our Urbyo Score gives you all the info you need at one glance. We focus primarily on the following aspects:


We take a close look at the property itself. What condition is it in? Are there any significant defects that could impact your investment decision? Does the property have annexes? When was the last renovation? 

To inspect the details yourself, you can always take a virtual tour of the property. 


We look for areas and locations that are especially interesting to investors. You've never been to the city or district yourself? No problem. We'll give you an in-depth overview of everything you need to know: possible disruptive factors, population forecasts, micro-location, and other data. To top things off, we also film video tours of the district that you can check out if you want. 


Now, here's where things get really interesting; in the end, it's all about how safe and profitable your investment in a specific property is. To determine this, we compare the purchase price per sqm to other comparable properties. We also calculate the rental return and evaluate the vacancy risk. Spoiler alert: The latter is basically non-existent thanks to our "New Tenant" Promise.