How does Urbyo make money?

Using Urbyo is 100% free of charge. When you find and buy a property through us, we celebrate with you and say WOOH!

We're happy to accompany you in the process, simply because we think that everyone should be able to buy a property — or two, or three. We don't ask for anything in return. 

Of course, we have to earn money, but we get it from the bank. We work together with over 400 credit institutions and get a commission from them if the construction financing works out.

But don't worry, that doesn't mean the commission fee is built into your financing, and you end up paying more than you have to. Because we send the banks your documents ready to go, they save a lot of time — and therefore money. We get a part of that.

Head over to our website if you want to see which properties are currently available for purchase.